Craighton Berman's Extension Cord Lamps


Coil Lamp by artist Craighton BermanIndustrial designer Craighton Berman has put a unique spin on table lamps with his Coil Lamp.  The Coil Lamp is made from a 100’ 16 gauge extension cord that is coiled around an acrylic laser cut form.  The result is a simple, yet creative and fun, table lamp.

Consumers have the option of purchasing a Coil Lamp that is coiled personally by the designer, or buying a Do-It-Yourself kit and making the lamp themselves.  For those looking to purchase a Do-It-Yourself kit, call CD Pro-Power Cords for a 100′ cord to complete the kit.

Coil lamps are available for purchase on Craighton Berman's website.

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