Quickwinder Rap 150 Cord Management System without Cord

Retail Price: $54.95

QUICKWINDER RAP 150 Cord Management System from Reel-A-Pail

QUICKWINDERS from Reel-A-Pail are a simple, cost-effective way to organize, store and maintain electric cords, hoses, wire and rope. 

Stackable and sturdy, QUICKWINDERS are the perfect solution for residential and commercial applications. 

The RAP 150 holds 100' of 10/3 Extension Cord or up to 500' of 1/4" wire, cable or rope

  • Height: 18.25"      
  • Base: 12" X 12"
  • Weight: 9 pounds without cord

* Cord not included.  

* Purchase a cord from CD Pro-Power Cords Inc and we will wind it on your QUICKWINDER for you. 


For larger orders, please call CD Pro-Power Cords Inc at 952-944-1044

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